Pastry, Cookie & Clay Cutters & Craft Moulds

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In the Craftmill webshop, you will find a wide range of metal cutters and push moulds.  We specialise in pastry cutters, mini cookie cutters, clay cutters and sugarpaste cutters.  From single shapes to larger packs with multiple shapes.   Our high quality products are offered at unbeatable prices.  It takes just a few minutes to order and we pride ourselves on friendly customer service and next day despatch.

Metal Craft and Kitchen Cutter Ranges:

Seasonal cutters

Seasonal cutters image

We specialise in providing cutters to match all seasons, events and
celebrations.  For example our Christmas cutter range includes a start cutter, snowman cutter, santa cutter and angel cutter, Christmas tree cutter, bell cutter and much more.  Each of these packs contains 3 cutters in sizes -2cm, 3cm and 4cm to suit your crafting needs.

General cutter shapes

Image of square cutters

Our smaller cutter packs contain 3 cutters which are the same shape as one another but in differing sizes - 2cm, 3cm, 4cm.  These mini cutters make great pastry cutters or cake decorating cutters. Our vast range of shapes include butterfly cutters, animal cutters, heart cutters, teddy cutters  and geo shape cutters including round, square, oval and rectangular cutters.
Used widely in different craft applications, these cutters are also ideal for clay..


Multi-shape assorted cutter packs

Specialist Acrylic Paints Image

We have a large range of assorted multi-packs of mini clay cutters, pastry cutters and sugarcraft cutters.  Each set is designed around a theme and contains a wide range of cutters.  Our best sellers include numerical cutters and alphabet cutters as well as geometric cutters and insect cutters.  Our children cutter set contain cutters to make a large and small child plus clothing which is ideal for cake decorating or biscuits.

Play-doh cutters and play-doh extruders

Acrylic Enamel Airbrush Paint image

Why should adults have all the fun ?  We also stock childrens soft doh like play doh and a full range of brightly coloured plastic dough cutters and extruders to create endless fun for all.   Push the dough or clay through the extruders to make exciting shapes and enjoy rolling the clay or dough and pressing shapes using the great range of cutters.


Casting Plaster Moulds and Clay Push Moulds

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Our ranges of easy-release push moulds make great craft moulds for a wide variety of products.

Sculpey Push Moulds

image of sculpey push moulds

These superbly designed easy release Sculpey push moulds make great earthen clay moulds, sugarpaste moulds, casting plaster moulds, fimo moulds and polymer clay moulds.  They are also designed to be soap moulds and candle wax moulds.  The revolutionary flexible mould material means no messy release agents are needed. Mould, flex and release!

Themed moulds

image of themed moulds

We stock moulds for different seasons, like our Christmas craft mould and all our moulds are based on a theme, such as our sea-life mould, teddy bears mould and miniature dolls mould.





  • Add a special touch to a birthday or Christmas cake with a themed cutter which can be used to cut sugarpaste or marzipan alike.  Cut and layer the three sizes of shape for a great 3-D effect.
  • Use our cutters ranges to make traditional Christmas tree decorations.  Home made salt dough provides a great starting point and when dry it can be varnished to provide a long lasting (but non-edible !) creation.  Leave a hole at the top to thread a sparkly ribbon through to dangle from the branches of your tree.
  • Push moulds are ideal for making Christmas decorations for the tree or mantlepiece.  Mix casting plaster with water to make a paste and pour into the mould to produce a fantastic ornament in minutes, ready to paint with acrylic hobby paints.
  • Craft moulds can be used to quickly and easily make detailed jewellery, gifts, cake embellishments and fun items.

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